WNMU-TV Website

Created: 12/23/12
Last Edited: 12/23/12
WNMU-TV is a a PBS station that operates on the campus of Northern Michigan University. This website was a huge challenge, and my first official web site project. It is now updated and maintained by the graphics department of WNMU-TV.

In addition to the station specific content, this web site implements numerous PBS developed java script modules, customized using CSS to provide dynamic content. This site also adheres to PBS identity standards.

This site has since undergone some visual changes utilizing the stylesheets I wrote, and some pages have been modified, added, or deleted.
  • See the live site here http://wnmutv.nmu.edu. It's been some years since I built this site and some changes and updates have been made by the station's graphic artist/web master. I built this site according the the menues and a photoshop file depicting the homepage provided to me. Using CSS I customized PBS's website modules to suit the format and aesthetics of this affiliate site.

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