Vote For Ross

Created: 08/19/12
Last Edited: 07/01/13
Challenge: There is a huge issue with apathy within the Millennial Generation, particularly regarding this year’s election. Many Millennials are not aware that 4 states have same-sex marriage on their ballots. The challenge is to a) make people aware of same-sex marriage being on the MD, MN, ME, WA ballots and b) overcome apathy and replace it with passion.

Solution: By creating a short video, which will be spread through social media, Millennials will be educated about the importance of their vote for same-sex marriage. In addition they will be motivated by identifying with my friendship with Ross, and thus can personalize the campaign with the names of their own LGBT friends and family: “Vote for_____”.
  • Vote For Ross
    Campaign to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage in MN,ME,MD,WA
    August 2012
  • “Vote for Ross” is a video campaign whose mission is to raise the Millennial Generation’s awareness about the potential power of their voice, and encourages them to use their power to vote for same-sex marriage this November. The “Vote for Ross” video shows statistics regarding the Millennial voting bloc, resources to simplify the voting process, and tells the story of my friendship with Ross. With over 70% of Millennials having a close LGBT friend or family member, many can identify with our story, and hopefully be motivated to vote for their “Ross”. “Vote For Ross” aims to put a friend or family members face on the ballot, thus moving it from the political to the personal.
  • The Campaign Logo
  • Overview of how the campaign works
  • Mock up of what the video would look like
  • Thelogo allows for personalization, thus giving people ownership and an attachmentto the campaign/cause.

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