Voskos Greek Yogurt Branding

Created: 06/26/13
Last Edited: 06/30/13
2010 was a rough year, the economy was going through a recession, consumers cut back on spending and began making lifestyle sacrifices. Yet, an interesting dynamic was occuring in the food market, specifically with the Greek yogurt category. A majority of the growing popularity of Greek yogurt was due to its low cost, high benefit value. As the new super food, one of original Greek yogurt brands, Voskos needed to capitalize.

Voskos needed a refreshed brand strategy to could compete in this growing market. Based on 2010 Nielsen case study, the Greek yogurt category appealed to consumers primarily to satisfy 3 core needs: health, convenience and taste. Knowing consumers focused more on health benefits, we used attributes such as “rich, & creamy” and “fresh & better” to describe Voskos throughout its marketing. Our slogan for the brand campaign was, “Better Than Good”.

Focusing heavily on digital and social engagment, I lead the campaign and was responsible for all design intiatives; which included a new interactive consumer site to various Facebook apps that offered product information and coupons. We also worked with Voskos to consult on digital and social media strategies that had offline customer reach.

Some of the highlights from the project were the increase in social engagement with their consumers, especially on Facebook where Voskos’ demographic spent most of its time online. In less than 3 months the Voskos Fan Page went from 10k likes to over 100k.
Most of all, Voskos was left with a consistent brand image that resonated with consumers across all touchpoints.
The success of Voskos led to more projects such as introducing their crunchy granola product line, YoGreek.

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