Voices for Creative Nonviolence

  • Voices for Creative Nonviolence
  • An identity system created with Emily Curtis and Emily Wisser for a non-profit seeking to end US military involvement overseas and help civilian victims in the countries affected by the warfare.
  • As a small, grassroots organization, it was important to Voices that their identity conveyed authority but didn't seem too corporate. Our solution was to join a clean bold font with a logo that had a slight hand-rendered feeling. The logo was meant to symbolize their global reach with the three prongs representing the people within the organization, the victims they seek to help, and the governments of the various countries they work with. The swirl also represents an eye, speaking to their additional mission of opening people's eyes to the issues of war.
  • A sample of the monthly newsletter Voices sends out.
  • As a small organization with a limited budget, one of the requirements for our design was that the business cards be one-sided to save on printing costs. As they cut the cards themselves, they also requested that the cards have no bleed. We sought to create a design that still convey their personality within their guidelines.