Voicefield Identity & Website

Created: 12/31/09
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Voicefield is a new startup devoted to recording, sharing, and archiving the spoken word on the internet.

The developer had already built both the phone system and software application. He needed to establish a visual identity, and take the website design further. I worked with the developer to create a new logotype, color scheme, copy, and website layout.
A major goal of this project was to clearly communicate what exactly Voicefield is, and how you can use it. I used sound waves in the logotype to quickly communicate that this has something to do with audio. The hero space of each key page includes strong, bold copy that further explains how you can use the service.

The color palette consists of dark blue, bright blue, orange, and yellow. Orange is utilized throughout the site to draw attention to key components of the page. Shades of the dark blue build up the underlying site structure and background elements, while the bright blue serves as a navigation device. Yellow is used sparingly, to accent important elements of the page (such as the audio player).

Note: The print component of this project is currently being developed.

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