Voice TV Identity Development

  • Voice TV
    Identity development
    The new network was to present one global voice to the population about
    what is happening in their world.

    To design an identity and collateral to market a new television network to potential
    consumers and cable companies.

    The overall concept was to create pieces that relied heavily on powerful imagery
    whether through its content, color or underlying meaning. This imagery was
    combined with graphic elements initially developed during the stationery phase
    of design. By combining these two elements with a simple and clean layout, the
    message was easily delivered and understood.

    The mark was created from the simple universal symbol for conversation; the speech
    bubble. The brand continued to be developed and consists of four major components.
    1. The image; 2. A block of color with one corner cut at a 45° angle; 3. A second
    block of color with the corners intact; and 4. A series of plus signs that which can
    overlap elements one or three.

    Calibri and Serifa
    Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop