Vocal Recital Poster

Created: 04/02/13
Last Edited: 06/05/13
I drew inspiration from the late 19th century Sanborn Insurance Map Company and their use of hand done typography to create a poster that reflected the personality and style of the performer. The name on the poster was loosely based off of ITC New Baskerville Std Bold and was completely free-handed before vectoring. The blue clefts were also hand drawn. All banners and other graphics I created using Adobe Illustrator. No stock vectors were used. Manipulated existing typefaces were used for the rest of the content and for the music notes in the back. All shading is done by use of crosshatching lines.
  • Nelson Senior Recital Poster
  • The style of this freelance poster was inspired by the late 1800's Sanborn Insurance Maps and their remarkable hand done typography. Vectorized hand drawn elements, such as 'Dillon Nelson' and the music clefts, are accompanied by stock manipulated typefaces and original elements vectored on the computer.
  • Recital Poster. 13"x19"
  • Color detail. All shadow was created using line and crosshatching.
  • Detail prior to colors and background.

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