Vitamin Tree - Packaging Design

  • Packaging & Branding Redesign Project
  • This project's purpose was to take a conventional existing product and come up with a new branding and package designed with sustainability in mind.  We researched the production of the original product, the Life Cycle Analysis of the product, and conceptualized sustainable solutions in both production methods and design. We were also assigned to present our research and the Life Cycle Analysis findings, as well as our proposed design process to reduce the impact on the environment. Our group created the video below. By collaborating with the Engineering department at New Mexico State University, our package designs were able to be realized through rapid prototyping.

    Designed in collaboration with  Jami Cooper & Monique Martinez.
  • Life Cycle Analysis Presentation Video
  • Logo Design
  • Label Design
  • Elevations of Bottle Design
  •  3D Mock Up
  • Rapid Prototype with Label Photos
  • Label Design - Opening for More Information