Vital Voices and Dryhootch fundraiser

Created: 06/19/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Vital Voices (advocating for excellence in mental health and substance use recovery services through the voice of the people being served) and Dryhootch (helping the veteran and their families who survived the war survive the peace) teamed up to raise funds for their worthy causes with a summer concert and brat fest.
  • Vital Voices and Dryhootch fundraiser invite
    Pro-bono project
  • I wanted to create a visually interesting invitation but was struggling with representing both organizations equally because the shapes of their logos varied greatly. Instead of giving one organization visual top billing, I created this design based on a sign in the Dryhootch coffee shop and the type treatment of the Vital Voices logo. This allowed me to equally represent both organizations.
  • Front and back
  • Front detail

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