Viridian Organic Body Wash

  • Viridian is a fictional organic body wash created for my internet marketing class. I created the logo, packaging and comps for a website and blog entries of my product.
    The Viridian logo uses the retro typeface Wisdom Script to create a friendly atmosphere that recalls a simpler time. It is inviting and warming, creating trust when the consumer sees it. The word “organics” is prominent to further promote Viridian’s use of all natural ingredients. A circular stamp shape references the USDA organic logo and the life cycle of the biodegradable plastic which is created from corn and will return to the soil after consumption. Finally, the dark green is the color viridian, directly referencing the product name.
    The Viridian bottle was chosen for its unique shape that is unlike any of its competitors. The organic shape references fruit, tying into the natural qualities of the body wash. The green to orange gradient refers to the eucalyptus apricot scent of the soap. The roundness of the bottle compliments the circular logo. The type used on the bottle is clean, modern, and simple, creating an uncluttered, sleek design that enhances the clean feel of the bottle and product itself. The 3-D model of the bottle was designed by OMC Design Studios, which I then placed my graphics onto.
    An additional facet of the project were the design comps of the company’s website. I chose to use the viridian color of the logo to emphasize important information in the website while using the white and gray to create a clean, modern feel. The web pages are structured, but open. The ribbon-like menu bar creates a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, a subtle background pattern adds a feminine touch.