Virgin Heart // The Only Ghosts

  • Virgin Heart // The Only Ghosts
    January/February 2013. Shown in critique at Cranbrook Academy of Art.
    Featured in Off the Wall IV at Studio Couture, Detroit, MI.
    Excerpt from artist's statement, critique:
    "During my first semester at Cranbrook, I struggled to make work that felt sincere. As I explored new conceptual avenues, I began to lose my own voice, my own viewpoint, and my own ideas. These posters were an attempt to refocus on issues I can speak sincerely about–the messy inner workings intimate relationships, separation, jealousy and the disparity between physical and emotional love. While this body of work is based off of highly personal experiences, I think there are slivers of truth in it to which many people can relate. I’m not the first person to find emptiness in an desperate embrace, or feel insecure when faced with the presence of a partner’s former lover. I may not be saying anything interesting, but at least I am beginning to say things I want to say."