Vintage Seltzer [Re-Design]

  • Vintage Seltzer
    Re-design of America's favorite Carbonated Beverage
    Logo for “Original” Vintage Seltzer
  • Vintage branded seltzer waters have been an American beverage mainstay for decades, with a loyal consumer base who go to extensive lengths to find their favored beverage. Vintage was late to add flavored recipes to their base product line. A brand identity design uplift was executed with the flavors introduction. This initiative was enacted to bolster Vintage’s market share by luring competitor’s loyal consumers of flavored seltzer waters. Vintage found in focus groups that (non-Vintage-user) consumer perceptions of the brand was negative. Common consumer feedback included statements that the brand looked “poor or low quality” & “pedestrian.” Vintage wants to overcome that perception by redesigning their new identity & packaging design, to appear more upscale, while not being perceived as over-priced. Vintage is in the lower end of the price range with-in an ever competitive flavored water beverage market.
    Dieline of “Original” Vintage Seltzer
  • Logo for Raspberry Vintage Seltzer
  • Dieline of Raspberry Flavored Vintage Seltzer
  • Branding and Packaging Re-Design

  • Restrictions for the Assignment * (Pratt Institute Packaging Tech. Class)
    1] 12 oz. Aluminum Can : Raw Material Silver
    2] Raspberry Flavored : the client found thru research, consumer’s react positively to realistic ingredient
    illustrations - this would necessitate the use of process printing to execute these illustration(s)
    3] Original Seltzer : 4–6 colors | prints flexo on clear film
    Raspberry Flavored : 6–8 colors | prints flexo on clear film
    Both : no printing 1/8” from top & bottom (see template)
    4] Client requested the use of silvers & metallic colorations, without using metallic inks which are hazardous to the environment.