Victorious T-Shirt

Created: 04/17/12
Last Edited: 12/04/12
T-shirt design for local non-profit

  • In volunteering for a non profit Christian organization, I was asked to create a t-shirt design for
    the organization's annual Women's Retreat. The theme for the retreat was "VICTORIOUS" and was meant to be a time of empowerment and fierce encouragement. My original concept was of a woman warrior, who was meant to embody the women at the retreat as confident, but not aggressive. That idea was rejected, and I was asked to try again. I ended up making a more abstract shirt design that incorporated some intense hand drawn patterns and custom typography. The shirt was a success, and I actually learned a lot about staying on track with the theme that my clients had come up with. In the end, it's not necessarily about what I think will look good, but what works the best with what the concept is.  

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