Vengeance & The Pursuit

  • Vengeance
    Self-published novel and comic
  • In the summer of 2009, I self-published Vengeance, a novel that had been brewing in my head for most of my later high school years. The book practically wrote itself. It deals with problems that many of my friends and I faced: bullying, popularity, societal pressure, and teenage self-acceptance. There are some werewolves in there too. I've been interested in them long before the Twilight craze.

    As of 2012, I am in the process of writing a sequel to Vengeance, tentatively titled The Pursuit. The original novel documents the trials, motives, and desires of a high school werewolf, Versa. The Pursuit's setting has moved the characters to college, and delves deeper into Versa's history and her life as a lycanthrope. I was, and still strongly am, attached to her and the other characters, and strive to create a worthy environment for them to "live" in. I reap great enjoyment from creating relatable characters, personalities, and places.

    This project catalogs a handful of illustration and design pieces intended as studies or representations of settings or characters for The Pursuit, as well as documentation from the first book.

  • Enter the lives of Kayleigh, the school's alpha bitch, Versa, the awkwardly brawny social reject and werewolf, and Zack, the unexpectedly good-hearted star midfielder of the lacrosse team. And things only get weirder from here...
  • ┬áThe back of the printed novel features a 16-page graphic novel depicting events from the book.
  • The Pursuit
    Graphic research and illustration
  • Versa's dorm room (interior study)
  • ┬áCharacter Line-up (Ryan, Rachel, Versa, and Zack)