Various Identities

Created: 02/26/10
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Various identities completed while in school, freelance, and while with Tandemodus.
Project Info
  • 13:20 Collective an online publishing house focusing on blogging and interaction.
  • Brown Kaplan and Liss, CPAs based in Chicago, Illinois.
  • Annex Realty, small start up real estate firm based in Chicago.
  • One Eighty Career Changing Guides, a fictional company that helps people who are later in life transition to a new career.
  • 7ticks, IT complexities made simple, an IT firm based in Chicago focusing on stock market management.
  • Naked Awareness, green business consultants working to make your company both greener and more profitable.
  • Artists of Eastbank, a community of artists in Chicago working in the Eastbank building in the Southside.
  • Waterford, a high-end banquet and conference facility.
  • MedChicago, the brain child of a Chicago surgeon, MedChicago promotes Chicago as a medical tourism destination.
  • La Lumiere Concierge, a high end, green conscious, interior design firm.
  • Rareform, an architectural glass designer and manufacturer for companies and homes.
  • Museum of Comedy, a fictional museum based in New York City that showcases the history and art that is comedy.

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