Valhalla Spirits Whiskey Invitation/Direct Mailer

Created: 12/08/12
Last Edited: 12/08/12
Valhalla Spirits is a Norse inspired bar owned by the Brekstad
brothers. Liking to import liquor from Norway, the brothers thought a private tasting was a great way to promote their new whiskey.

Sending out a round, metal box that resembles a viking shield was a perfect holder for the shot glass and invitation. The catchy phrase, “Let’s get hammered.” not only very bluntly tells the purpose of this special event, but also goes back to the Norse mythology of Thor and his hammer.

The round invitation resembles a coaster and the interesting typography found on it makes this whiskey tasting seem like a jolly good time! The colors used were pulled from the bar’s logo to tie it all together.

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