VSI - Venture Strategies Innovations: Branding/Identity

  • VSI was an international nonprofit dedicated to improving women’s health in developing countries. They ended their mission successfully in 2015, and I helped develop their brand from 2009-2013 through consecutive campaigns both online and in print:

    • 2009-2010 Biennial Report, published December 2011 (Slides 1-3)
    • 2011-2012 Biennial Report, published May 2013 (Slides 4-6)
    • Compendium of Operations Research, published July 2013 (Slides 7-9)
    • Three-panel brochure, 2010 (Slide 10)

    I also developed the VSI website that used to be at vsinnovations.org, created numerous stationery collateral pieces, a graphic standards manual, helped brainstorm program identities, and converted all of the above publications to digital formats.

    All of this work was created at BBM&D. VSI was my first client as an account manager and I was very fortunate that the work was always received well.