VENAFLUX | powering a new generation

  • In small groups, we were given a current world issue by which to create a non-profit organization that would ideally address the subject at hand. Together, the group created the name, mIssion statement, and function of the non-profit. The visual execution of the identity and poster promoting the organization was left up to each individual to develop their own interpretation. I can take credit for half of the name and contributions to the writing of the organization’s mission statement and function.

    VENAFLUX’s mission is to help promote,
    research and fund hydro electric turbine development as an accessible and sustainable energy resource.

    VENAFLUX provides various resources that are geared toward spreading awareness and funding research for the development and reliability of this eco-friendly technology by 1) publishing information about the technology through print and digital media; 2) developing healthy, productive relationships with students, educators, developers, and other organizations in the field through offereing research and internship opportunities; and 3) accepting donations from the public as well as offering investment opportunities to interested parties.

  • alternate watercolor backgrounds
  • process photo