Urec Stout Adventures - All Nighter Climbing Poster

  • Halloween All-Nighter Climbing Poster
    Urec \\ Stout Adventures
  • The Halloween All-Nighter poster was created to promote an all-night-long climbing event at the UW-Stout climbing wall!  I decided to illustrate this poster because I thought it would be fun to illustrate different characters dressed in Halloween costumes to coincide with the costume contest!  The various shades of purple and lime green enhance the poster and give it the feeling of Halloween without being cliche.  The rock wall pictured in the background is a stylized version of the actual rock wall at Stout Adventures.  It worked out great because students that are really familiar with the climbing wall actually recognized it!
  • This last photo is a condensed version of the poster for the campus TV spot.  It essentially takes the most important information and relays it to students.