Urbanitea Tea Packaging

Created: 04/19/13
Last Edited: 05/16/14
"Urbanitea" - Branding & Packaging Design for a Set of Teas.

What I did: Design from Concept to Completion, including Logo, Branding & ID, Naming & Theme Development, Packaging Design, Dieline Manipulation and Application, and Rollout into a Full Product Line.

With nothing but a directive to design a food or beauty product, I conceptualized and designed Urbanitea, a line of teas dedicated to telling the story of contemporary African cities while promoting economic growth around the product. Unlike many other fair trade teas sourced from African countries, Urbanitea is dedicated to a modern portrayal of Africa. I eschewed the familiar earthy, farm-centric aesthetic for bold, energetic custom prints and patterns that captured the product's vision.

If you like my work, please appreciate! Thanks! :)

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