Atlanta BeltLine - Signage & Wayfinding

  • Atlanta BeltLine, Perkins+Will
    Urban Design Reuse, 22+ mile walk/bike/light rail development. 
  • Community and stakeholder research boards.  Project has been 10-year work in progress with substantial community driven interest.  Developed in-depth research to understand scale of communities & user groups affected by project, their identities, their voices and concerns.  Precedent studies, best practices, material research, etc. also included. 
  • Detail of research boards.
  • Site and information zones analysis.  Where and when users will encounter wayfinding information.  Site encompases, residential, commercial, urban, and rural landscapes.  Comprehensive signage and wayfinding plan needed to accommodate for all conditions.
  • Analysis of existing conditions.
  • Distinctive shape as identity, and wayfinding tool.
    Site is over 22 miles long, needed to develop way to ground users, indicated where they are on the site, and connections to larger site.
  • Concept development.
  • Scalable, flexible signage system, a 'kit-of-parts'
  • Signage material palette.
  • Existing site conditions & assessments.