Urban Development - Middle East

  • Urban Development - Middle East, Perkins+Will   
    Master Planning, Planning & Strategy, Signage & Wayfinding
    • Schematic Design Development, Wayfinding & Place-making strategies for new urban development in the Middle East.  4.8 million square meters of land, 9 million square meters of Built Up Area, and estimated population of 150,000 residents.

    • Development is to specialize in knowledge-based industries, a 'silicon valley' in the Middle East, with an estimated population of  SIte will promote, education past, present, and future in the region.  Special consideration will be given to developing an identifiable sense of place that celebrates the knowledge culture, is livable, and sustainable - design interventions can grow and develop in step with the communities.   

    • Junior Designer, assisting Project Manager with cultural and stakeholder needs & site assessments, place-making and storytelling concept development, design developments, and implementation

  • Site and cultural analysis.
  • Best practices research.  Looked at wide-ranging initiatives in urban redevelopment, city-branding, placemaking, leadership + development groups (CEOS for Cities), and current events / trends world-wide.
  • Conducted 'visioning' session with client to  better understand design intent not only of client, but also of end users.  Working in Chicago for a development in the Middle East proved challenging in attempting to maintain a true understanding of site, client, culture, and necessary vs. desired outcomes for both the design team and client team.
  • Detail of results from visioning session with client. 
  • Site analysis developed thru zoning diagrams, diagramming movement of people and traffic (shown).
  • Concept options for Brand Story development and implementation.  Develops timelines of Islamic History & Islamic contributions to Academic studies  as placemaking tools.
  • Detail of Academic Studies as zoning tool.
  • Framework developed to employ Brand Story throughout site.
  • Detail of Framework.  Site organized through common zones and sites throughout.  Neighborhood centers, installations, trail markers, and engagement opportunities would all reference back to central plaza.  Plaza anchors site, organizing features draw residents & visitors throughout the site.