Untitiled (Three Dancing Figures) Version A, Editon 2/3

  • Keith Haring Sculpture
    HDR Photography
  • Untitiled (Three Dancing Figures) Version A, Editon 2/3, 1989Painted aluminum dancing figures by Keith Haring. The sculpture is located at the corner of the Moscone Convention Center (Howard and 3rd Street) in the SoMa neighborhood of downtown San Francisco, California.

    Keith Haring (1958–1990) Perhaps the emblematic artist of the eighties, Keith Haring's career had all the makings of a Hollywood drama--obscure beginnings, skyrocketing fame, celebrities galore and an early, tragic death. With his trademark attention grabbing style, penchant for high profile friendships and deliberate popularization of his work through murals, public sculpture, graffiti drawings and clothing designs, Haring--the man and his work--rapidly entered public conciousness in the early and mid 80's. By the end of the decade, he was in the minds of many heir apparent to Andy Warhol as the most widely recognized artist in the world.