University Center Logo & Brand Identity Materials

Created: 02/01/13
Last Edited: 08/19/13
These designs were developed for the 2011-2012 James R. Connor University Center re-branding project.

The font for the logo was chosen because it is featured on the directional signage throughout the building, as well as in many other University-wide designs. We thought it would be the most effective choice in terms of consistency within the building, while also staying coherent with the University as a whole. The circular shape also represents the central location of the building on campus as well as the iconic arch on the building's roof. Lastly, the black and purple intertwining swoops reference our University's school colors while also symbolizing the coming together of diverse groups to unify as a student body.
  • The logo design I created as part of the re-branding project for the University Center. This specific image was also used as a profile picture on our social media profiles.
  • Two-color branded notecard design
  • Notecard, back.
  • Two-color branded folder design, front.
  • The wave graphic from the notecard was adapted to the outside of the two-pocket
    folder format.
  • Inside Pocket design.
  • "Getting U Connected" slogan included on inside left pocket.
  • This is an informational business card explaining the instructions for job application.

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