Universal Phone Stand (Redhand)

  • Universal Phone Stand
    Redhand Technologies
  • Belm Designs was asked to develop a unique camera stand to hold just about any mobile phone. The hardware is just one part of the offering by our client. Redhand is a company working with remote video monitoring and has some great ideas in the works, but that's all we can say at this point. Stay tuned...
  •  Initial design sketch (Pencil Sketch)
  • Refined Sketch
  • Drawing showing friction style pivot point
  • 3D model of product. (Clay Render)
  • Rehand Stand render with phone simulate (Bottom View)

    The design will accommodate all phone shapes and sizes
  • Top View
  • (Back View) showing cable management, cord pass through hole, and locking screw
  • Poster concepts for client showing product sketches and 3D renderings
  • Phone stand in folded position.
  • Finished Redhand phone stand concept
  • Additional concept renderings...