Undergraduate Thesis

Created: 09/26/12
Last Edited: 11/22/12
Undergraduate Thesis project representing the blind trust placed on technology. Memories in photographs held near and dear, once placed on walls to see, today being lost or corrupted by technology
  • Undergraduate Thesis 
    Digital Corruption
  • Photographs have held sentimental value since the average consumer could get their hands on a camera. It started with film and printing out images to hang throughout the house for all to see the things held dear. In the last 5 years this practice has slowly been dying, as the digital age rises. Consumers have placed blind trust into technology and expect it to keep the images that hold value safe.

    Digital Technology is not archival.

     At this point in time, within 10 years, the images stored in folders on computers, CDs or external harddrives will be broken or lost, taking the memory along with it. 

    **The following project is a demonstration of the traditional use of photographs on archival paper that will last over 200 years versus the vulnerable technology we have placed trust into that can easily corrupt our memories in as little as 2 years. 

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