Una de cal y otra de arena

Created: 01/27/10
Last Edited: 11/27/12
Puerto Rico, in it’s short 516 year-old political history, has been under the sponsorship of two different parent countries. Such a diverse context equipped the island with a rich and detailed history of its construction sector, particularly in techniques, practices and ways of building.

This publication chronologically documents this record through a balanced presentation of research and a dense photographic archive, some of it unpublished before. The book jacket, a touch-point with potential readers, hints at the never ending nature of the topic through visual cues about the completion of the illustrated work-in-progress. A book of this size, both in pages and dimensions, called for a layout where readers could read, learn, reflect, enjoy, share, or just use as quick reference. Image captions, traditionally attached in proximity to the content they represent, here portray a narrative of their own, not only complementing the visual, but also providing a secondary text that can be read in conjunction with the rest of the composition or in an independent manner.

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