UWM Student Org Logo Design

  • UWM Student Org Logos
    Spring 2012
  • Objective:UWM recently started requiring its student organizations to use their new website, called PantherSync. They use this to manage their organization, communicate with the Student Affairs office and for other social needs. The website by default displays a logo area next to each org’s username, which for orgs without a logo, is a plain white square. Student Affairs asked me to design two default logos from which orgs could choose-- one which represents the scholarly, academic side of college, and the other which represents the school spirit side.
    I was required to use the UWM brand colors, but not the fonts. They couldn’t use any of the elements from official UWM marks. I chose to use the M, as it’s the only part of UWM I was authorized to use.
    The left logo references the mascot, a panther, through the use of the paw. The illustration style is contemporary and youthful, and the chunky Bevan M references typical “college” fonts. The right logo uses the UWM brand’s New Baskerville M. It is more refined and traditional, which should fulfill the needs of scholarly student orgs who wish to represent themselves as part of UWM.