USC Grodins Graduate Research Symposium

  • Grodins Symposium
    Visual Identity Design for USC Biomedical Engineering Graduate Research Symposium
  • Grodins Graduate Research Symposium is an annual event where Biomedical Engineering students present their research findings. The symposium needed a logo to represent itself to sponsors who would support the fund for the event. This logo won the contest and become an official logo for Grodins since the 13th Symposium. In addition, identity design package was submitted to show the committee how this logo can be used on various applications.
  • This logo design was inspired by circuit board which reflects engineering. Extended lines are a part of the identity that will wrap around different medium. It also convey the meaning of gathering and sharing, which is the core of this symposium.
  • Flyer advertising the event to possible sponsors.
  • The symposium proceeding front cover
  • Front cover in detail
  • Grodins logo used on the presentation screen.
  • An engineer professor holding a copy of the symposium proceedings.
  • Grodins logo on the award certificates
  • At the symposium, I wrote the name of the award recipient in copperplate calligraphy style as they were judged and right before the announcement.
  • T-shirt design competition occurred a few month before the 13th symposium. The one on the right in white is my design that won the competition. For the 14th symposium, the committee agreed to use a design by Nora Nelson, which I then redrew for the final production as shown on the left.
  • T-shirt design for the 13th Grodins Symposium
  • T-shirt design for the 14th Grodins Symposium. Designed by Nora Nelson (14th Grodins Symposium Committee Member). Drawn for final production by Alisara Tareekes. See below.