USAID Email Campaigns // Mailchimp Template Designs

  •   U.S. Agency for International Development
    { Mailchimp email template design // Photoshop + Dreamweaver + HTML & CSS }

    Hand-crafted email templates created in photoshop and coded in HTML & CSS using Mailchimp template language. The recipients' outdated technology placed significant limitations on the design and demanded higher creativity to overcome the challenge. The email campaigns share out events to government employees and fieldworkers in developing countries, with limited or high security technology.  In addition, Outlook 2007, restrictive in HTML & CSS support, is the primary email platform used by 90% of the recipients. In response to these challenges, the resulting templates are highly functional, visually appealing, customizable to accomodate different types of events, adaptable across a wide range of email clients and 508 compliant.