UN (Dream Magazine)

Created: 02/01/12
Last Edited: 04/20/13
The world wants to know about dreams to bridge the gap between the subconscious and reality. When we dream, can you clearly distinguish between the two?

As dream gurus, we hope to build a framework of knowledge and understanding between the subconscious and reality in relation to exposure, restraints, and awareness.
  • A collaborative magazine based on the time, senses, and travel of dreams.
  • Using two stories (not written by me), I designed these pages for a magazine we called "Un." This is the part of the Un-Exposed section, an idea based on the understanding of being aware and unaware of the senses; for example, slipping in and out of color in the dream state.  
    Currently being used as a promotion for the Visual Communication Design program at Herron School of Art and Design, in junior student portfolio work