UF's Winterfest 2013

Created: 02/12/13
Last Edited: 02/12/13
Branding for The University of Findlay's 2013 Winterfest.
  • Spring 2013
  • Every year The University of Findlay hosts a series of events that help to promote diversity and embracing different cultures. This year I was given the opportunity to create the PR (banner, poster, and t-shirt) from scratch.
    I was tasked with creating a design that could be reused each year with minimial alterations, essentially creating a generic winter branding for the Winterfest series. 
    You will notice that there are two sets for this design. The first, which has the horizontal poster, and banner & t-shirt without the ice sicle, is my original design. These were the designs that were presented to the client, but unforunately upon presentation there was a printing error (which was a large white triangle at the top, similar to that of an ice sicle). Unforunately the client thought that it would be a great idea to incorporate this printing error and rotate the text so it was stacked.
    Thus, there are two sets: my original design and the set that was actually used.
  • Below are the edits that were approved.
  • Although I was really pleased with my design, unfortuantely what the client wants the client receives. 
    In the end I was still very pleased to have this opportunity and to be recognized by the entire university faculty and teaching staff.

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