Typographic Playing Cards

Created: 05/20/11
Last Edited: 01/18/13
This is a deck of cards that came from the combined efforts of Junli Kato and myself. The main theme is typography, evident in the front of the cards, but there are also a few little jokes related to our work place on the backs of the cards.
  • Typographic Playing Cards
    April 2011
  • This is a collaboration between myself and my co-worker Junli Kato.  We made a deck of cards and the box to go with it.  Junli made all the number sides of the cards, while I did the back design and the box design, mainly off of witty type-related sayings and some of our vectors.  This was definitely challenging, but at the same time gratifying, and FUN, because it's a deck of cards after all.  

  • Each card uses part of this design for the back.:
  • The front of the cards were all designed by Junli Kato:
  • These are some of the vectors we used.  Junli's vectors are very cute, so I tried making some vectors go along with her style, along with using some of my own personal ones that worked just as well.   We added vectors of our co-workers and a parody of the Design Group logo, that would work both as an indicator of cards (spade) and that we love Design Group (heart).
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