Typographic Murmuration

Created: 01/16/13
Last Edited: 01/16/13
An abstract book on typography, using starling murmurations as a visual concept for illustrating typographic rules.
  • DESIGN BRIEF: Design a book explaining the rules and concepts of typography. Choose a visual concept, and demonstrate these typographical concepts using abstract, vector based illustrations. I chose the concept of "murmurations" (starling flocks) for my visual concept.
    To evoke a starling murmuration I played visually with the ideas of motion, wind, groups, flocking, and the graceful, poetic lines formed by starling murmurations. To do this, I used arrangements of curved, swirling lines and groups of large black letter forms, as well as screenshots of a processing program that ran flocking simulations. 
    I used the typefaces Meta and Centaur which went well together, and the contrast of the modern, sans-serif Meta and the older, very detailed serif Centaur helped me illustrate the various typographic rules better.
    I split the chapters into Letterforms, Categories, Type Families, and Setting Type, and tried to tell the story of typography through its history and creation, and the fine attention to detail required to truly appreciate type and set bodies of type properly.

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