Typographic ID

Created: 01/29/13
Last Edited: 01/29/13
Typographic ID explores my philosophy on design and creating my own monogram. The booklet displays quotes from those who inspire me and is used to further explain my own story.
  • Final Mark
  • I fell in love with design after being on the scene of production with my close friend and mentor. I was at a crossroads in my life of choosing between making money or being happy, and I chose the latter. Since then, my soul has been devoured by design and it is all I ever think about. Things that I didn’t notice before now have more meaning, from chosen typefaces and modular placement.
    Design is all about problem-solving techniques in which function and communication intertwine with aesthetics. Design is like a foreign language to the lay reader and it is my job to transfer the message to his or her understanding. Power is a privilege that designers hold; the power to incite, inspire, or impede people. A designer can control everything and is extremely important in informing the community by solving problems.
    As a person and as a designer, I always try to be honest and love to provide or receive constructive criticism. I am hardworking, quirky, spirited, and I enjoy my alone time. These characteristics aid me while I strive to broaden my horizons. Throughout my career, I will use my personal values and thoughts on compromise, personality and emotion, and power. People who compromise will always gain something in the end. I may not always agree with my clients because of my personal beliefs, however I will always be willing to work it out. A good designer remains ‘hungry’ for knowledge. I am the kind of designer that does the best I can, although I may not always be confident. I am still figuring things out, but my personality will not allow me to give up without trying. The key is to remain true to my belief that design is not for yourself, but instead for those around you.

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