TypeFace Off Alumni Competition | Letter "G"

  •   Type FaceOff was a competition hosted by the AIGA student group at Nicholls State University, my alma mater.
  • And I have to admit, "G" has always been my least favorite letter. It was pretty much a certainty I would get it in that instance.
  • Alumni and students signed up in October to fill the 26-letter alphabet need and ended up with an extra two glyphs to culminate in a total of 28 alumni and students competing head to head. The letters were chosen randomly for both categories of contestants. 
  • Tell me that brown one doesn't look like a squirrel.

  • After some mind-mapping and a bit of Pinterest pinning and hunting for inspiration, I sketched out thumbnails inspired by words that start with "G". Some pen tool sessions and eliminating weak ones out later, here we are!
  • Geometric, gridded, and golden.
  • Ribbon inspired letterform for my stepdaughter.
  • The chosen letterform to go into the exhibition. Yay for glasses!