Twenty Six Characters & a Couple of Glyphs

Created: 05/30/12
Last Edited: 06/09/13
"Home away from Home" typographic Installation, interactive crayon rubbing station
  • Twenty Six Characters & a Couple of Glyphs

    Twenty Six Characters and a Couple of Glyphs is typographic installation at the College for Creative Studies. Each character represents a student from the 2012 graduating class. A collaborative effort, the concept explores the idea of our “home away from home” (CCS), illustrated through a custom font family we’ve created. Students contributed to the project by submitting a frame that represented the essence of their family life. From there we created a unified set to display in our “home away from home”. The team developed custom letter forms and a rubbing station with custom crayons for patrons to interact with and illustrate a portrait of the graduating class. Mixing digital form with hand-made form was inspired by the historical letter-pressing process.

    Group Members:
    Jennifer Barrett
    Christopher Mueller
    Erin Myers

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