Turning Point Macomb Web Design Case Study

Created: 02/10/13
Last Edited: 02/10/13
When Turning Point, a domestic violence shelter in Macomb County, Michigan, approached me to redesign their website, I used the opportunity to put systems thinking and sustainability principals to work.

I first identified the systems involved; all inputs and outputs of the main and sub-systems. This gave me a good overview of all stakeholders and potential outcomes of the systems.

The next step was to identify the problems with the current system. This involved isolating patterns. What wasn’t working and why?

I identified pattern solutions that truly utilized human-centered design and improved the site use (User Experience) for all stakeholders in the system (users, Turning Point staff, as well as website managers).

View the Case Study here: http://sarahjanemaki.com/portfolio/turning-point-human-centered-design/

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