True Gym Stationary

Created: 03/07/13
Last Edited: 07/30/13
Agency: O2 Propaganda
Client: True Gym.
Creative Director: Haitham Abdel-Fatah
Graphic Artist: Ali Naguib
    True Gym Stationary
    The Greek term gymnasion (γυμνάσιον) was used in Ancient Greece to describe a locality for both physical and intellectual education of young men (see gymnasium (ancient Greece)). The later meaning of intellectual education persisted in Greek,German and other languages to denote a certain type of school providing secondary education, the gymnasium, whereas in English the meaning of physical education was pertained in the word gym.
    The Greek word gymnasium means "place to be naked" and was used to designate a locality for the education of young men, including physical education (gymnastics, i.e. exercise) which was customarily performed naked, as well as bathing, and studies. For the Greeks, physical education was considered as important as cognitive learning. Most Greek gymnasia had libraries that could be utilized after relaxing in the baths.
    Logo, letterhead, Business Card. Envelop - A4 & American, Suggestions Card, Invitation Card, Folder, ID.
  • True Gym Official Logo
  • Stationary Black Theme.
  • Stationary Red Theme.
  • Folder
  • ID #1
  • ID #2
  • Free Invitation Card #1
  • Free Invitation Card #2
  • Design: Letterhead option #1
  • Design: Letterhead option #2
  • Design: Profile company Picture.
  • Folder Front cover.
  • Design: American Envelop.
  • Design: Suggetions and compaints Card
  • Design: Business Card Back
  • Design: Business Card Front.
  • Design: Free invitation back.
  • Design: Free invitation Front.
  • Logo in Black and white.
  • Thanks for your attention.

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