"Tree Stones"

Created: 05/02/12
Last Edited: 11/21/12
This piece is a tree filled with beach stones in the forest.
Project Info
  • "Tree Stones"
    Instillation Piece, Build it to photograph
  • This piece involved a tree that I filled with stones. While walking in the woods I found a tree where the trunk was growing into 5 main branches about a foot off theground, all spreading skyward. This created a void betwixt the deep “V’s” ofthe growing branches, which I decided to fill with stones. I carried hundreds of beach stones into the forest, carefully stacking each smooth rounded stone in its place. I scattered different colors and sizes of rocks throughout the “wall”, balancing the tones within the structure. The piece provided another traveler in the woods something to stumble upon, observe, and enjoy, with its intriguing construction. It creates a story as well as questions to be asked, while starting a dialog with the piece. It was the work of Andy Goldsworthy that inspired me to take stone to create a three dimensional sculpture using only natural elements.

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