Transformation Design: Enhancing Conversations

Created: 04/02/13
Last Edited: 04/12/13
Worked with a team of 5 other designers to create a solution to a social civic issue by developing an interactive toolkit for pre-teens and parents to connect on the ethics of social media responsibility. Skills learned include understanding different learning styles and handling conflict in large groups.
  • Transforming Social Media began as a transformation design project. With a team of 5 other design students, we chose social media as a social civic issue for the semester. Through research, we discovered that social media engagement begins as early as 6 years old. We took this opportunity to develop an interactive toolkit for children and parents to connect on the ethics of social media responsibility. 
  • We created a physical public forum for anyone to post feedback on our project and research.
  • We met with local creatives and social media experts to gain insight and receive input from their perspective. 
  • Our final deliverable consisting of a children's play that alluded to social media, and supporting materials for parents to help explain the positives and negatives of social media and its interactions

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