Train Spottings

Created: 11/26/12
Last Edited: 11/26/12
Train Spottings is a personalized matchmaking company headed by “Love Conductor” Erika Christensen. The service targets subway traveling romantics and aims to have a more one-on-one approach to finding a date in the city. Business cards with the “You’ve been spotted.” typography help pique the curiosity of passers-by and commuters in the underground environment, while the blog offers an easy way to get in touch with Erika and the Train Spottings crew for a conversational match-up.

The logo stemmed from great brainstorming meetings with the client, where personalization, romance and fun were important qualities for the identity. The clear attachment to the culture of the New York subway was also a key element that needed to be installed. Playing off of the clear circle-and-type train line graphic system maintained by the MTA, a sharp and chic heart motif rose from a Venn style of blending, implying a flirtatious and mature meeting of the designs. While the shapes overlay in color and composition, there is also an element in their arrangement that conjures a sense of illumination, headlights of a train, or spotlight signals, supporting the context of the client’s name.

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