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Created: 01/24/13
Last Edited: 01/24/13
For these projects brief animations highlighting product capabilities were packaged on business card sized CD-ROMs that could be played in the computer.
  • Once upon a time in a land not so far away, the Internet was a slow dark place. Bandwidth was limited the world over and browsers would wait minutes just to download a 1MB file.
  • Marketers everywhere struggled for an efficient way to show of their wares. One day there came a designer. He was young but he was eager to learn. Before long the designer happened upon a magical tool. He called the tool Macromedia Flash.
  • All night and all day the designer worked with Flash learning its ins and outs. "I don't know exactly how," he said, "but I think this tool could be the answer to the marketer's problems." Outsiders looked on intently as the designer continued to push Flash's limits further and further. The designer worked so hard that even when a hurricane knocked out his power he continued to work by candlelight.
  • Before long the designer was creating animations so exciting that computers would blue screen in amazement. Flash was powerful and yet there was a secret that escaped the designer. He struggled with the blue screen computers trying hard to convince them to embrace Flash as their friend.
  • Finally one night he found the balance. The designer quickly reprogrammed his animations breaking them into pieces the computers could digest one at a time. The designer had crafted the world's first nine minute Flash animation.
    The world and the marketers alike cheered with excitement over the designer's new creation. They wanted to recognize the designer formally and so he was flown to Beverly Hills, Calif. where he dawned a tuxedo and danced beneath the starry lights.

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