Townsend Analytics

Created: 09/26/10
Last Edited: 03/30/14
Branding and visual identity system for Townsend Analytics. System materials include logo, stationery, presentation templates, product sheets, advertising and event materials.
  • Developed a new branding strategy and visual identity for Townsend Analytics to bring awareness to the brand, and give it a strong presence. The system featured a bold symbol pulled from the logo, and used consistently to emphasize the Townsend brand across all communications. System materials included logo, stationery, presentation templates, brochures, product sheets, print and digital advertising and event materials. The campaign was very successful in helping Townsend Analytics stand out in the marketplace against it's competitors as an emerging brand.

  •                                  Website design.
                                     Role: Design Director
  • Trade show booth and materials. Coordinated with client in selection of exhibit furniture, carpeting, video exhibits, and placement and setup of all materials.
  •                            Trade show exhibits

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