• I created a political magazine, aimed at young adults aged 15–30, with the purpose of education. Torch is an unbiased publication that breaks down political jargon into language that’s easy to understand.
    I designed the logo and the layouts.
  • Front cover
  • Table of contents. I named the magazine Torch since the idea behind it was to enlighten and inform young readers. The orange and blue color scheme plays off of the flame idea.
  • Opening spread of feature article. In order to keep things as unbiased and even as possible, I used grayscaled images and tried to find photos of roughly the same head size and facial expressions. Even subtle visual cues can steer readers one way or another, without their knowing.
  • Second spread in feature article. Once again, I used photos of similar composition and “attitude.” (If you run a photo of one candidate pointing angrily, it’s just not right to run a photo of the other standing there and smiling innocently.) I also tried to split the content evenly between the two candidates and give them equal “balance” of the spread.