Tolerance App for Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery

Created: 11/21/12
Last Edited: 01/24/13
Summer 2012 a group of 15 Auburn students were given a challenge by the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery: to create an educational experience that celebrated 40 years since the March on Washington. Together we made logos, t-shirts, posters, apps, websites, scavenger hunts and more. Lauren Hegwood and Allison Braund were in charge of creating a mobile app that united all the different parts into one user experience.
  • A slideshow of my contribution to a team of 15 Graphic Design and Industrial Design students working for the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery last summer. The voicemail is from a few of the leaders of the National Portrait Gallery and is about their reaction to viewing our work and ideas.

    There were many parts to this project: website design, product design, logo design, scavenger hunt brochure design, and the industrial students even designed a special tablet stand to work with the project. 

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