Tinty Music (Part 2)

Created: 12/04/11
Last Edited: 12/04/12
Tinty Music marketing and promotional materials.
  • One Sheets and Other Miscellany
  • One sheet for Abstractions.
  • An early one sheet for what would subsequently turn into The Four Phases of Realisation.

    At the time I created this, I was regularly watching The Rev. Bruce Howard on Public Access cable in Seattle. This was at least a couple of years before his shows turned into him singing with a bunch of people, so it was still the Rev. Bruce in close-up, with little expression or movement, in a darkened studio.

    The Rev. Bruce Howard is the source of the phrase "the nothingness of error"; it was one of his (church's) Three Points—which were, respectively, The Mental Diet, The Allness of God, and The Nothingness of Error.
  • One sheet for The Four Phases of Realisation.
  • One sheet for Sublimation.
  • Order form for available releases as of February 1996.
  • One sheet for Veiled Faces, Moving Shadows. The text was written for a 30-second radio spot as part of a class assignment in my Art Institute of Seattle days.
  • Official discography, March 1996.
  • Flyer for the Tinty Music live debut, June 1996.
  • Flyer for live performance at Anomalous Records, August 1996.
  • Flyer for live performance at Anomalous Records, October 1996.
  • Alternate flyer for live performance at Anomalous Records, October 1996.

    I briefly considered using the praying mantis image (from a photo taken during my 1985 visit to Japan) as a logo of sorts. It doesn't actually identify anything here, but I thought it looked kind of cool.
  • Because there were plenty of Japanese students at the Art Institute of Seattle at the time, I decided to create a version of the flyer above specifically for them.
  • One sheet/flyer for Anomaly. Photocopiers normally do not allow images to bleed off the page—so I couldn't not use this, uh, anomaly…
  • I created this banner at the invitation of Mark Rushton for his Bill Nelson site (which subsequently became Bill Nelson's official site).
  • As I was photocopying articles to make a tear sheet, I took some time to experiment with magnification. This combination of text was the result. I then made copies of this to use as the reverse side of mail-order forms, inserts, and correspondence.
  • Flyer for the final Tinty Music live performance at Anomalous.
  • Alternate flyer for the final Tinty Music live performance at Anomalous, May 1997.
  • Mail-order information insert, late 1997.
  • Tinty Music cassette in plastic envelope with insert(s), c1997.
  • Online Stuff
  • Penumbra graphic for bandcamp, April 2011.

  • Live Anthology 1996–1997 graphic for bandcamp.

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