Tints, Hues, and Shades

Created: 12/11/12
Last Edited: 12/12/12
Sketching 500 1 x1 thumb nails could have been the death of me.

After finishing the 500 sketches I had to narrow it down from 100, to 50, to 10, then pick 1.

I found this one to be very intriguing. Why? Because you can rotate it 360* and it always looks amazing.
  • Finished Product.
  • Step One: Sketch 500 1 X 1 squares. Then narrow them down to 1. Here are sketches of my top 50.
  • Step Two: Choose 1. Turn it into an Illustrator file.
  • Step Three: Add Hues, Tints, and Shades to create a pattern interesting to the eye.

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