Thorne Artistry Branding

  • Client: Amanda Thorne
    Tech: HTML/CSS, Wordpress, Adobe Illustrator
    Skills: Art Direction, Branding, Web Design
    Amanda Thorne is an independent makeup artist, stylist, and set designer located in San Diego, California. Unfortunately, she was struggling with position in the market, primarily because she was being hired solely as a makeup artist, yet being asked to do styling, set design, and other things beyond the scope of her projects. Her client base was also mostly brides on a work-for-hire basis, which wasn't allowing her the ability to grow her business in the way she desired.
    I helped define her specialty in the marketplace with a detailed research plan of the market, her competitors, and her target client. Based on that research, I suggested the title, Creative Stylist, and an overall theme for the brand, "Modern Vintage". With that as the foundation, I created a complete identity package, website, and social media presence.
    Thorne Artistry's work has been featured on numerous regional magazines, international websites, and ad campaigns. Demand for her services has increased exponentially, and she is now perceived as a thought leader in her field.
  • Initial logo concept sketches.
  • Lotus flower concept.
  • Final logo and business cards.