"There Is No Such Place As America" Book

  • There Is No Such Place As America
     Book written by Peter Bichsel
  •  I have the story of a man who tells stories. I have told himrepeatedly that I don’t believe his stories.
                “You’relying,” I said, “You’re fibbing, you’re making things up, you’re having me on.”
    That didn’t impress him. He continued unperturbed, and whenI called out: “You liar, you fibber, you yarn-spinner, you legpuller!,” hegazed at me for a long time, shook his head, smiled sadly and then said sosoftly that I almost felt ashamed of myself: “There is no such place asAmerica.”

    SOLUTION: This book integrates custom die-cuts of the Western World's known existence of "America." Overtime it reveals more and more of the "fabrication," as letters show throw the shapes. Will the man believe the myth?
  • Peter Bichsel
    Translated by Michael Hamburger
    Calder & Boyars • London
    First published in Great Britain in 1971 by Calder andBoyars Ltd
    18 Brewer Street London W1
    Originally published as Kindergeschichten by Herman LuchterhandVerlag GmbH, Neuwied and Berlin
    © Hermann Luchterhand Verlag GmbH, 1969
    © This translation, Calder and Boyars, 1971
    All rights reserved